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UNITE higher education consulting is a strategy, training, and technology firm that bridges the gap between universities and industry partners. Created by two experienced higher education corporate engagement professionals, UNITE addresses systemic issues in university-industry collaboration. When implemented it accelerates the holistic corporate engagement effort within universities. UNITE has cracked the code on how universities holistically manage corporate partnerships.


UNITE is a licensed technology and portfolio company of The Ohio State University.

Client Reviews

"The work that UNITE has done with us just in the last year has completely elevated the work we have been able to do with our business partners. Their tremendous coaching and guidance have helped us create much more meaningful, strategic, and stronger relationships with business."

Lisa Garcia Assistant Vice President, Community Partnerships

industry engagement

UNITE Solutions


The system, process and playbook to overcome the systemic challenges existing within universities when managing corporate partnerships.

Valuation Tool

A technology and valuation tool which enables universities to fully understand their corporate partnerships, who is strategic (and not).

UNITE Consulting

Consulting and thought leadership to enhance the Process and Meaurement delivered by UNITE.



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