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The system, process and playbook to overcome the systemic challenges existing within universities when managing corporate partnerships. The UNITE team has built this five phase system (as practitioners) with the plug and play templates to make it easy for teams to implement. UNITE 5 is the “how” and "art" of corporate engagement. The process is effective because it is consistent, collaborative and continual and ultimately helps universities work effectively with industry.

When implemented at your institution, the results include:

  • Increased corporate engagement. More engagement leads to more funding.

  • Process consistency across the university and corporate partners.

  • Cross functional team collaboration resulting in trust, transparency and teamwork.

  • Common objectives (and KPI’s) across university colleges, offices, etc.

  • Holistic, strategic engagement plans for each company.

  • Communication. Improved communication internally (university) and externally (companies).

  • Leadership reporting. A consistent engagement plan to report up to leadership proactively (and reactively).

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