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Client Testimonials

industry engagement
"The work that UNITE has done with us just in the last year has completely elevated the work we have been able to do with our business partners. Their tremendous coaching and guidance have helped us create much more meaningful, strategic, and stronger relationships with business."

Lisa Garcia Assistant Vice President, Community Partnerships

higher education consulting
"I was initially impressed with Chris and Christy’s professionalism, communication skills, and enthusiasm for promoting UNITE. Their formal training sessions were well prepared, informative, and interactive, allowing for ease of implementation."

Joni Staley, Director of Corporate and Foundation Philanthropy

corporate engagement
"Christy and Chris are incredibly knowledgeable and approachable, putting all at ease even when working through potentially divisive conversations. They have an uncanny ability to blend immediately into your team’s culture, leaving no doubt their chief concern is your return on investment in them."

Eric Holderness, Senior Associate Vice President of Development

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