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UNITE Valuation Tool

A technology and valuation tool which enables universities to fully understand their corporate partnerships, who is strategic (and not). The "science" of corporate engagement. The tool works hand in hand with the UNITE 5 process and the reports produced are activated in every UNITE 5 phase. This tool was built by the UNITE team as practitioners to assess the value of corporate partnerships and show if, how and when the university is moving the needle with corporate partnerships. The tool is an Ohio State technology and UNITE exclusively licenses the technology as inventors.

When implemented at your university, the valuation tool will:

  • Help with resource allocation. Determining which companies to focus on with lean teams.

  • Help with leadership reporting. A visual tool to show true, holistic relationship value to leaders of both companies and the university.

  • Help with determining if the team is moving the needle. Evaluate progress and validation of the work being done with cross functional teams.

  • Help relationship management teams work more effectively with corporate partners. The visual reports are easy to comprehend and portray the real relationship value and progress.

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