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Western Michigan University Testimonial

Western Michigan University (WMU) is pleased to offer this letter of recommendation for UNITE. We began our work with UNITE almost two years ago and since then, we have worked closely with UNITE to help drive engagement with the business community and increase collaboration among our internal teams. Our work with them has been a wonderful partnership.


A few years ago, WMU recognized the need to develop more robust and mutually beneficial relationships with corporate partners, as resources for higher education have decreased and competition for industry funding has increased among universities. We hired UNITE to help us create a much more holistic strategy for managing corporate relationships. The work that they have done with us just in the last year has completely elevated the work we have been able to do with our business partners.


The UNITE team has worked effectively with me, as leader of WMU’s corporate engagement initiative, as well as with our corporate engagement team and senior leadership to help establish a consistent and measurable corporate engagement process that has helped us drive key metrics in our recruitment, retention, research, revenue, and reputation. Their tremendous coaching and guidance have helped us create much more meaningful, strategic, and stronger relationships with business.


We have been so pleased to work with them and have nothing but high praise for the work that they have done with us. On a personal level, Chris and Christy are two of the most collaborative and strategic people I have ever worked with, and I would not hesitate to hire them again. I am pleased to give them my strongest recommendation.

western michigan university higher education consulting
Lisa Garcia, Assistant Vice President, Community Partnerships
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