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UNITE Episode 17: Overcoming Stalled Corporate Engagement

Updated: 7 days ago

Today, we're discussing a critical issue many universities face—stalling in their corporate engagement efforts. As we've engaged with various universities over the past two months, we've identified three major consequences of not moving forward with a proven, effective process.

What You'll Learn:

  1. Missed Opportunities: How a lack of presence and process can lead to missed opportunities with potential corporate partners.

  2. Damaged Internal Relationships: The importance of having a clear process and success metrics to build trust and teamwork within the university ecosystem.

  3. Loss of Credibility: Why presenting a unified voice is crucial to maintaining credibility and strong partnerships with companies.

Why This Matters:

Stalling in corporate engagement doesn't just halt progress—it can damage relationships and credibility, both internally and externally. A structured, transparent process ensures that your university is always top of mind for companies, aligns internal teams, and presents a unified, credible front to corporate partners.

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