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Three ways to make your university corporate engagement office more efficient.

With COVID changing the university corporate engagement/relations world, we’re forced to do more with less. We know there are companies who exhaust our resources and those who are strategic (win-win). Identifying those who are doing both is essential post-COVID. Here are three ways to make your holistic corporate relations office efficient.

1. Know who’s strategic. Knowing who’s strategic and aligning on that definition among all of your internal stakeholders is key. You should have a data-driven method to determine who’s strategic and worth the resource investment.

2. Know who’s not strategic. It’s equally as important to use a data-driven method to determine which companies are not worth the time investment. Which ones might better be served by a specific college or unit where they engage.

3. Know who’s next. Your team should have an eye for which company is “next” to the earn the strategic label. An analysis of company priorities as it pertains to your university is critical to learn these partners.

UNITE helps universities identify strategic, transactional and next. To learn more and to schedule a demo, contact us. #corporateengagement#strategy#covid#university

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