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The Three Challenges to University Corporate Engagement Part 3

Anyone trying to manage corporate relationships across academic universities knows the challenges. The hard part is solving them. Here are three top challenges and how using the UNITE solution and system will get your office over the hurdles… See previous posts

to learn more about 1. and 2.

1.Lack of Shared Metrics

2. Incomplete Data

3. Competing Priorities. This one is a relationship killer, especially when universities don’t go to their corporate partners with one voice. It is common for varied university business units to throw their “initiative” on the wall of a company to see if it sticks. Some philanthropic offices are even rewarded and evaluated on the quantity thrown at these walls. The UNITE 5 system of working with companies overcomes this challenge. It is a system that implements a singular voice and method of collaboration and inclusion that ensures all voices are heard and the priorities of corporate partnerships are paramount to the plan.

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