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The New University Corporate Engagement KPI: Holistic Corporate Engagement Metrics

Updated: Jul 5

We are seeing university Corporate and Foundation Relations offices being asked to do more with companies. They are being asked to holistically manage corporate relationships despite the primary metric by which they are evaluated being how many dollars they bring into the institution. This is challenging for everyone, especially the development officer/relationship lead. It makes sense that these advancement teams are being asked to do the extra work of helping companies recruit, connect to research, commercialize technologies, etc., because holistic corporate engagement metrics are leading indicators for philanthropic giving. A company is more likely to give if they are highly engaged and therefore receiving value from their university partnership.

It has been challenging to assign metrics to non-fundraising activities – until now. At UNITE we have a solution and system to help these philanthropic offices solve this challenge. One of the reports UNITE produces is a visual representation of how a relationship lead moves the needle (holistically) with companies. The report takes into account more than just the financial fundraising metric and considers all engagement variables (typically 23-28). To learn how you can use this report as a KPI for your advancement office, email

Holistic Corporate Engagement Metrics

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