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The Great Pumpkin and The Great Meeting: Aligning Your University Corporate Partnerships for Effective Success

Updated: Jul 2

In this special Halloween week episode, we're coming to you from our office, stepping away from our home setups to share some exciting updates and insights. As many of you know from our LinkedIn posts, we have left our roles at Ohio State to fully commit to our entrepreneurial journey with UNITE.

Watching "The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" last night inspired us to think about the parallel with something we’ve been discussing a lot with universities: The Great Meeting.

Just like waiting for the Great Pumpkin, universities often feel they are having great meetings, both internally and externally, but not seeing the outcomes they desire. Here are three major reasons for this:

  1. Lack of Process: A consistent, continual, and collaborative process is crucial for managing corporate partnerships effectively.

  2. Defined Actionable Next Steps: Ensure that every meeting concludes with clear, actionable steps and a designated driver to activate the process and follow through.

  3. Ownership and Accountability: Having a dedicated relationship manager to oversee and drive the next steps ensures that goals are met and partnerships thrive.

We hope these insights help you achieve more effective and successful meetings with your corporate partners.

Wishing you all a fantastic Halloween! 👻🎃

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