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The Challenge with Scorecards

How do you evaluate your corporate partnerships? Over the past few months we’ve been able to see several scorecards and dashboards. Here are three challenges with scorecards:

1. Legacy information distorts current relationship status. Universities put a value on large gifts or wins from years ago that do not tell the current story.

2. Incomplete variables and data. Data in our institutions is scattered. Therefore universities will disproportionately weigh variables like philanthropy and research where the data is readily available. These two measures in a vacuum don’t tell the story.

3. Weighting. While some scorecards weigh different variables, the weights are simply based on subjective value the university assigns to each variable. The missing link is the value companies place on each variable.

UNITE can help with the valuation of your corporate relationships. Our proprietary solution applies an algorithm which accounts for both company and university value. Contact us to learn more.

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