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The Art and Science of University Corporate Engagement

Updated: 13 hours ago

Art and Science of University Corporate Engagement

Leaders of university corporate engagement/relations offices should consider a consistent system for working internally and externally with corporate partners. This system should include a scientific blend of a data-driven tools… And the art which enables flexibility to work with a variety of partners.

The Science: This should include data-driven reports which highlight partnership value, how the needle is being moved (or not) and opportunity identification. The science and data should also help you determine which companies are worth your teams valuable time.

The Art: This is the “How.” How we engage internally and externally in a way that is consistent, flexible and takes into account both university needs and company priorities. The art needs to be inclusive and collaborative.

UNITE is a solution and system to help corporate relations/engagement offices solve for this. Contact us for a demo. #corporateengagement#university#strategicdecisionmaking

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