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Illinois State partners with UNITE to advance corporate engagement

Author By: University Staff September 20, 2022

UNITE, a training, consulting and technology company, and Illinois State University announced they will work together to drive business engagement across the University and increase collaboration among internal teams. “Concentrating our efforts supporting corporate engagement and community partnerships will help elevate the standing of our students, faculty, businesses, and organizations,” said Illinois State President Terri Goss Kinzy. “Illinois State is looking to create even more strategic partnerships throughout our state, nation, and world.” Kinzy noted that Illinois State prioritizes the expansion of collaboration efforts with its corporate partners to develop mutually beneficial outcomes. “The University recognizes the myriad of benefits readily available for students and businesses seeking a highly engaged and knowledgeable workforce,” she said. “Opportunities also abound within the research that is conducted daily throughout Illinois State.” Co-founder of UNITE, Chris Svec, said a high priority is placed on “holistic corporate engagement” for many universities across the United States. “At UNITE we have cracked the code on how universities activate corporate relationships,” Svec said. “Our proprietary process and valuation tool were designed specifically to help universities work more effectively with industry, resulting in aligned internal teams going to business with a singular voice and increased engagement.” UNITE is a consulting, training, and technology company designed to help universities work more effectively with corporate partnerships. UNITE delivers a proven process to drive win-win partnerships and a valuation tool to place value on industry relationships and validate the efforts of university teams activating corporate engagement work. UNITE is an Ohio State University portfolio company and exclusively licenses technology (invented by the co-founders) from The Ohio State University. The UNITE cohort of partners is growing and includes colleges and universities across the U.S. of all sizes and the Ohio Innovation Exchange. For more information about UNITE, please visit

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