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Does your university corporate engagement data tell the real story?

One of the catalysts that drove Christy Bertolo and Chris Svec to build UNITE | University & Industry was data not telling the full story. They had a scorecard which attempted to define “the top 25,” and, as practitioners, knew it wasn’t telling the real story of which companies were strategic.

There was an obvious need for a tool to help determine which companies were the true, holistic, strategic partners. The picture in this post is an excellent portrayal of how UNITE started. Legos (data) were scattered throughout institutions that need to be “sorted” and “arranged” to help determine which companies are strategic, which aren't and which were next. The UNITE valuation tool helps sort, arrange and visually present data for university corporate engagement teams. The tool, coupled with our UNITE 5 process ultimately helps teams “explain the data with a story” and build a successful engagement plan for each company.

The reports UNITE produces accomplish the following:

1. Accurately portray and communicate which companies are strategic and win-win.

2. Enable a corporate engagement team to “report upward” to leadership.

3. Empower lean corporate engagement teams to make a data-driven decision on resource allocation.

Let us help you make your scattered “Lego’s” into a visual story! Call us today for a demo.

p.s. Thanks Nancy Ordoñez, CPCU for the pic!

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