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3 consequences that happen when universities don’t address their corporate engagement challenges…

1. Offices, colleges and teams across campus typically “compete” to get in front of companies. We don’t go to companies with a singular voice. This damages the relationship with the corporate partner. And shows the corporate partner that your university really isn’t a “partner.”

2. Offices, colleges and teams across campus hold relationships close to the vest with elbows out. This is “scarcity vs. abundance” view of the partnership and teams who do this have the illusion of the pie (funding and opportunities) being finite. When universities don’t collaborate within, we miss opportunities to broaden partnerships and make them strategic.

3. By not making a change, universities proliferate the problem. “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.”

Change is certainly difficult in academia. UNITE has cracked the code on how to execute corporate engagement strategies successfully. Call us and we’ll give you a demonstration showcasing how we can help your university activate and maximize the corporate engagement effort. Visit our website to learn more

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