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3 Challenges Starting A Holistic Corporate Engagement Effort

Updated: 6 days ago

In today's episode Chris Svec and Christy Bertolo discuss the top 3 challenges and barriers universities experience when taking the first steps towards starting a holistic corporate engagement effort.

What You'll Learn:

  • Breaking Down Complexity: How to manage holistic university corporate engagement in bite-sized, manageable pieces.

  • Data Challenges: Strategies to overcome the paralysis caused by scattered and disjointed data across campus.

  • Identifying Pain Points: Recognizing the delayed pain of ineffective internal collaboration and addressing roadblocks before they escalate.

Why This Matters:

Taking the initial steps towards effective corporate engagement can be overwhelming for universities. Without a clear strategy, universities may struggle with internal communication, data management, and satisfying corporate partners. This video provides insights and practical advice to help you navigate these challenges and build a robust corporate engagement plan.

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