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What's next?

What’s next in your university industry relationship is critical to maintaining momentum. You need a system and open communication to continually understand and be able to translate the ever-changing needs of a corporate partner. COVID and other variables change companies all the time. Here are three tips to help determine the next opportunities for your industry partnerships. 1. Understand your company. This is not what you can find online. This is the “art.” This comes from the essential skills. Talk, maintain open communication and ask the right questions to determine the company’s needs. 2. Understand your university. Be able to quickly translate or find resources on campus to take the company priorities and needs and turn those into projects, research, student engagement, etc. 3. Understand how adding new engagement will effect the partnership. How does adding engagement move the needle (beyond dollars and cents). This is a great way to showcase value internally at your university. UNITE produces two reports that can be used within your university AND with corporate partners. This tool showcases current engagement, white space (next opportunities) and a visual representation of how the needle is moved. #partnerships #universitycollaboration

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