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UNITE Season 3 Episode 1: 3 Keys to Successful Corporate Engagement

Updated: 6 days ago

Welcome to Season Three! It's been a dynamic year for us, expanding UNITE's footprint to 15 universities, soon to be 16. Amidst all the excitement—from Blue Turf to peanut butter tacos and whiskey Rita's (which are amazing)—today, we're diving into three crucial insights for successful corporate engagement from our university installations.

What You'll Learn:

  1. Leadership Buy-In: Learn why securing buy-in from university leaders is pivotal and how Unite can help grease the wheels for your engagement efforts. We've fine-tuned strategies to engage with presidents, cabinets, and Deans' councils, ensuring alignment and support from the top down.

  2. Running the Process: Discover why treating your engagement strategy like a workout routine—starting with that crucial first meeting—is essential. We break down our proven five-phase approach that builds trust, transparency, and stakeholder engagement across campus.

  3. Accountability and Support: We understand the challenges of this work, which is why we offer ongoing accountability and coaching calls. Our goal is not just to start strong but to keep momentum going, ensuring your success in building lasting partnerships.

Join us as we reflect on our experiences and share actionable insights to elevate your corporate engagement strategy in 2023. Whether you're starting from scratch or refining existing initiatives, UNITE is here to collaborate and empower.

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