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UNITE Episode 3: 3 Key Problems in University Engagement & How to Fix Them

Updated: 7 days ago

In this episode, Christy and Chris from UNITE dive deep into the top three problems facing university corporate engagement teams and how to overcome them. Discover how the UNITE system and tools can transform your university’s corporate relations strategy by addressing these critical issues.

What You'll Learn:

  1. Lack of Shared Metrics: How fragmented data and uncoordinated efforts across different university offices can hinder effective corporate engagement, and how UNITE's data-driven approach helps build sustainable, long-term partnerships.

  2. Internal Competition: Understand how competing priorities within various departments can create internal conflict and impede corporate engagement efforts. Learn how the UNITE 5 system fosters collaboration by aligning goals and strategies across campus.

  3. Competing Priorities: Explore how different departments’ disparate initiatives can overwhelm potential corporate partners, and how a unified approach through the UNITE system can streamline and enhance engagement.

Why This Matters:

By addressing these key challenges, universities can better coordinate their corporate engagement efforts, leading to stronger, more effective partnerships that benefit both the institution and its corporate partners. Interested in enhancing your university’s corporate engagement strategy? Contact us to learn how UNITE can help your team build stronger, more sustainable partnerships.

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