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UNITE and Central State University Announce a Partnership to Boost University Corporate Engagement


April, 2022

UNITE, a training, consulting and technology company, and Central State University today announced their partnership to enhance holistic corporate partnership strategies.

“UNITE was built to help universities forge mutually beneficial, sustainable partnerships. The UNITE approach creates an alignment of objectives between universities and their corporate partners. We are excited to announce Central State University as our first Historically Black College and University client,” said Christy Bertolo, Co-Founder of UNITE.

Since July 2020, Central State University has grown, it has gained the respect of generous donors, including over 30 corporate leaders whose recent commitments total to more than $8 million in philanthropic contributions. Central State University leaders are preparing for a capital campaign, the first of its kind effort for the university, and initiative that will firmly position it as best in class, a nationally known institution of learning. Therefore, taking the time to strengthen our fundraising and corporate engagement infrastructure is paramount to our success.

"Over the last 18 months, we have experienced a tremendous amount of success as it relates to our engagement of corporations," said Zillah Fluker, PhD, Vice President of Institutional Advancement. "This rapid growth has helped us understand the need to partner with UNITE to help strengthen our processes in anticipation of taking this moment and building continued momentum."

The initiative between UNITE and Central State University will be one year in duration and launched in March, 2022.


About Central State University

Central State is Ohio’s only public HBCU. As an 1890 Land-Grant Institution, Central State University is expanding Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Agriculture (STEM-Ag) academic programming, research, and education; developing partnerships within Ohio’s agricultural industry; enhancing facilities; and engaging local communities, all for the future growth and sustainability of the University.

Central State University embraces change, but one thing that has not changed is its continuing commitment to providing academic excellence for over 134 years, affordable education to residents of Ohio and beyond. Innovation is in our DNA.


UNITE is a technology, training and consulting company helping universities work more effectively with corporate partnerships. UNITE delivers a proven Process to drive win-win partnerships and a Valuation Tool to place value on industry relationships and validate the efforts of university teams activating corporate engagement work. UNITE is an Ohio State University portfolio company and exclusively licenses a technology (invented by the co-founders) from The Ohio State University. The UNITE cohort of partners is growing and includes colleges and universities across the US of all sizes and the Ohio Innovation Exchange.

For more information about UNITE, please visit or contact Chris Svec at or 614.205.4826.

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