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Reporting up...

Often our university corporate engagement offices get the call from a dean or president asking, “what’s going on with <insert company name here>?” As professionals we need to answer this question fast, add value and look good doing it. We should be able to quickly articulate and build these three relationship reports:

1. Current engagement. A visual report depicting where the company (today) sits on our relationship continuum.

2. The plan. A document featuring a collaborative plan you’ve built to grow, defend or maintain the partnership. This will showcase for the leader what’s happening, current and future.

3. Current vs. future state. A report visually showcasing where the company is today on the relationship continuum AND where they will be once the plan in #2 is activated.

UNITE offers visual reports and a system to help showcase your office’s work for university and corporate leaders. We can help you “report up,” using a data driven solution and winning system. For a demo, connect with us.

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