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Quantitative and qualitative data and why universities need both

Over the last 10+ years corporate engagement roles have popped up in some shape or form in almost every university but they are still struggling to properly articulate their value and get institutional buy-in. So why does this disconnect happen so frequently and why does it leave many institutions yelling “this shouldn’t be this hard”? The use of both qualitative and quantitative data might be the missing link.

Many universities used quantitative data to build elaborate scorecards which often left members of their institution scratching their heads because they didn’t properly represent the top companies. Then holistic relationship managers came on the scene and saw the value in qualitative data, focus groups, surveys, etc. But for quantitative data thinkers in academia this disconnect hindered collaboration, leaving many universities spinning their wheels trying to move the needle internally and externally with industry partners.

At UNITE we built a solution and process with both in mind. It’s the art and science that will strengthen your industry relationship while increasing collaboration from within.

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